Priest calls Bolsonaro a 'bandit' and says he needs to confess

Brazil: Priest calls Bolsonaro a ‘bandit’ and says he needs to confess

In the last hours, one of the most shared videos on social networks is an excerpt from the celebration of Father Edson Adélio Tagliaferro, in celebration at the Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora das Dores, in Artur Nogueira (SP), on Thursday, 2. He called the president Bolsonaro of ‘bandit’ and that his voters need to confess.

‘If we are seeing, for example, that the government is not good, cannot the priest say that the government is not good because the people do not want to hear it? A country that has already reached 60,000 deaths from the pandemic, and we don’t have a Minister for Health. What do you want me to say? What everyone says, ‘oh, he doesn’t work because they don’t let him work’. No! It’s because it sucks. Bolsonaro is worth nothing! And whoever voted for him should confess, ask God for forgiveness for the sin he committed, because he elected a bandit to be president ‘, he said.

He dedicated the celebration to the victims of the Coronavirus in Brazil.

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