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Newspapers front pages: october 1, 2020

The newspapers this Thursday, October 1, pay homage to the creator of Mafalda, the Argentine cartoonist Joaquín Lavado, the ‘Quino‘, who died on Wednesday, 31, at the age of 88. His photo accompanied by his most famous character appear on the covers of periodicals from his country to Mexico. On Tuesday, 30, Mafalda would be 56 years old, characterized by the philosopher Umberto Eco as ‘angry heroine, who does not accept the world as it is’.

The US presidential campaign is highlighted after a disastrous debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The promise is that the next will have clearer rules so that the voter can better understand the proposals of the two candidates for the White House.

From German newspapers to Brazilians, the way that the victory of one or another candidate will impact the relationship between countries.

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