Front page of Brazilian newspapers: waiting for Bolsonaro's exam

Front page of Brazilian newspapers: waiting for Bolsonaro’s exam

The highlight of the Brazilian newspapers this Tuesday, July 7, is the wait for another exam of Bolsonaro‘s Coronavirus. He had body aches and fever, with part of the week’s schedule being canceled. The matter had a lot of repercussions on social networks early last night, as the president had stated that his bearing as an athlete was not capable of shaking his health.

Some sources already claim that the president used chloroquine, a drug manufactured en masse by the Brazilian Army and that it has not yet been evaluated by the World Health Organization to treat patients with the pandemic.

Flagrant agglomerations are more and more frequent in Brazil, which is starting to resume its activities: with 1.3 million fewer units produced, the expectation is that the automakers will have the worst year in two decades.

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