In the middle of a pandemic, 'mega inauguration' causes turmoil and rush

Brazil: in the middle of a pandemic, ‘mega inauguration’ causes turmoil and rush

With a daily average of practically a thousand deaths as a result of the pandemic, the ‘mega inauguration’ of Tubarão Atacadão in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) this Thursday, 20, caused, in addition to agglomeration, to run after cheaper products. Even in the face of the scenes that went viral in the last hours on social networks, the chain says that it limits the service in each store to 50%, requires the use of customer masks and provides gel alcohol.

‘On the occasion of the opening of the Taquara branch, which took place yesterday, August 20, 2020, there was an unexpected accumulation of people, which was soon controlled by the company, through the organization of queues with due social distance, control of entry into more access to the store and in restricted groups of people, ‘he noted in a note.

On the store’s Facebook, the announcement of the ‘mega opening’: ‘Are you ready for the biggest offer attack of all time?’

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